What Is Important To Us

As we progress deeper into our second decade at Pro Specialty Services, we realize that we could not accomplish this great task without the strong team that we have assembled. Our hard-working group has helped us to build solid relationships with our clients and a respected reputation in our community. Our progress has taught us to operate a company that is built on strong fundamentals. This allows us to bring meaningful value to our clients while working in an environment that we can all feel good about. Although there will always be challenges, it is how we deal with those obstacles that defines us. Out of this understanding, we learned that in order to be a great company we must embody our core values; not just say them and forget about them. As a starting point, we must treat each other with respect, honesty, and sincerity. We can then exude the following fundamental principles that our company embodies…

Own It

Owning it means being accountable by taking responsibility for our actions and deliverables. We take personal ownership of the results in everything that we set out to accomplish. We are also always striving to do the right thing with humility and integrity. We realize that nobody is perfect, but we take ownership over mistakes rather than trying to find blame in others. This fundamentally allows us to build character throughout the organization.

Deliver a Great Client Experience

As honest professionals we provide a positive customer experience by remaining focused on long-term success over short-term profitability. We understand that reputation outweighs profit in every instance. In our day-to-day work, we exhibit business-like conduct on worksites, in the office and around the community. As craftsmen, we take pride in delivering an exceptionally finished home that exceeds the highest of expectations. In attempting to exceed customer hopes on quality, budget and timeline, we are able to make a remarkable impression. We hold everyone in our organization to a high performance level. This allows us to consistently out-perform the competition in approach and execution.

Safety and Quality Hand in Hand

PRO SPECIALTY SERVICES TAKES SAFETY SERIOUSLY – Since our founding as a family owned general contractor, the health and safety of everyone on our job sites has always been our number one priority. The single most important thing each day is that our loved ones out in the field return home safe after each day’s work. It was from here that the ethos of PSS Safety Program and Culture was developed. PSS Safety Program is designed to provide guidelines for the establishment of healthy and safe job sites and workplaces for our employees, subcontractors, vendors and clients.

Let Us Help Make Your Dreams Reality

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We would also be happy to speak over the phone or meet in person so that we can better understand your needs. We are confident that we can provide value to you and your project.